How to Apply

There are five steps to the application process:

The initial application can be submitted online below. You can print out the other documents ( Advisor Certification, Academy Participation Agreement, Explorer Code of Conduct), fill them out and give them to your Advisor. Alternatively, you may complete, scan, and upload them with your initial application. Also, please ensure your name is spelled correctly, and your entire post writes the same name for your department. e.g. LA City Fire vs Los Angeles City Fire. Check with your Advisor!

If you have problems with the website, please contact your advisor. If he/she is unable to assist you, contact us for assistance.

2. Print and give to advisor

4. Sign and return

5. Forward a check

Forward a check made payable to CFEA for $300.00 to your advisor.

check form

Explorer Application

Your application will remain pending until processed by CFEA staff.

If you are interested in applying as a Captain or Chief Officer you must be recommended by your advisor, and have attended a previous academy. Applicants must also have a letter of recommendation from their advisor. Chief officer candidates must submit letter of intent and resume.

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